Pop-up power

The evening sun shone on a secluded spot of British coastline. Tents and camper vans huddled together behind the dunes. Although not the weekend yet, the hand painted campsite sign already said ‘Full’. It was late in the day but the beach was still rammed. Like every person and their dog were there. Except no dogs. Beach policy.

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When was the last time you hired a company or purchased a product because of their logo? You’re thinking probably never, right? (Unless it’s McDonald’s maybe, because there is something magnetic in those golden arches, don’t you…

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Google My Busines

WHY IS GOOGLE MY BUSINESS SO IMPORTANT FOR YOUR BUSINESS?Google My Business is one of the easiest ways to improve your local web presence. It is a vital FREE tool that every business should utilise to its max. Google My Business allows your business to be verified on...

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Top Form

Web Forms Might Be Boring, But Catching Leads Is FunHmmm, you’re right. Web forms are a bit boring. So boring in fact, that we weren’t sure whether we should even write about them. But making more money is fun, right? Sparking more interest? Generating leads? OK,...

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The Perfect Match

The Perfect MatchLove is in the air this month and you’ll no doubt be thinking about the lucky lady or gentleman you can treat to a meal deal this Valentine’s. Maybe you’re in a long term relationship and looking for ways to keep things interesting. Maybe you’re just...

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How do you increase your chances of winning?

How do you increase your chances of winning? Maybe they’re just not that into you You emailed or called a business you wanted to buy from. You asked for a quote. They said they’d get back to you. They didn’t. You chased. Nothing. How often does that happen? Maybe they...

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The psychology of advent calendars

The psychology of advent calendarsFirst, a brief historyWhat’s an Advent anyway? Despite decades of eating little chocolates from behind cardboard doors, we’ve probably never asked ourselves this question before. So it seems like a good place to begin. The word...

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A sense of urgency

A sense of urgency Last chance! Using urgency in sales is nothing new. It works because it forces people to take action. Usually by employing scarcity. So, making something (like, the discounted price) only available within a limited time period (like, ‘this bank...

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How To Get More Web Enquiries

How To Get More Web Enquiries Top 6 tips to get more web enquiries and grow your client list People are busy and easily distracted. So how do you encourage visitors to stay a bit longer on your website, find what they need, and get in touch easily? Ultimately, how can...

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