Do you come here often?

February was the month of love

For some at least. And it got us thinking… “Is being lucky in love really all that different to attracting customers?”

After all, does it not all start with

  • Catching someone’s eye?
  • Some chemistry?
  • Perhaps even lunch or coffee?
  • Both parties looking to gain trust and see how it goes?
  • All the while secretly hoping for a fruitful long term relationship.

Hopefully the main difference being that, unlike in business, money doesn’t change hands in a romantic relationship. At least, not in an envelope anyway.


So what does it take to attract someone?

Well, what type of someone are you looking for?

If you want volume, you need high demand, low prices, an efficient process and a prominent platform. Your business model is focused more on trends. Repeat business is maybe not as relevant.

  • Relationship solution: Tindleswipe
  • Marketing solution: Influencers, TV / Google / Facebook ads

Is that really you?

Correct us if we’re wrong, but you look like the type who wants more from life.
The type of business person looking for rich, long term relationships.
If that’s the case then perhaps your approach needs to be different.

  • Relationship solution: Putting yourself out there
  • Marketing solution: Networking and events, direct response, SEO

You can meet people anywhere: In bars (although maybe not the ones you’re after), in a cafe over a tumeric latte, at dinner with friends, on a cosy tube at rush hour, down the supermarket (check what’s in the trolley for some juicy early insights), across the mats at five tibetans yoga or by magic at your local Harry Potter meet-up.

As random as that sounds, they all have one thing in common. It’s not just you, at home on your own, with netflix. You need to get out there and smile at someone.



Networking and events play a huge part in modern day lead generation.

Like a bunch of cotton tail rabbits strutting their stuff in a courtship display, it’s a business’ chance to peacock. Show off a bit.

Strike up a conversation and build rapport.


Google’s search result page is a little like a modern day lonely hearts column for businesses. By carefully crafting your presence on there, you get to say what you’re about and who you’re looking for, to oodles of online suitors.


Just the start

But crossing paths, getting attention, meeting someone, is just the beginning.
Just like amorous relationships, business relationships need a little TLC too.

Think about how each of these six elements can help make or break your new-found affiliation.

#1 Appearance

‘Never judge a book by its cover’, said no one. OK, everyone ‘says’ that, but show me someone who can resist. We’re visual creatures, programmed to judge absolutely everything, at lightning speed, using just our senses. What you wear, how good you smell (hopefully), and your relaxed, confident (but not arrogant) posture will help you make friends in real life with real people. Guess what, business people are real people too. So all those things help when networking. And the same applies to your website, although the smell part is currently tricky. Find out how quickly people judge your business and make sure you’re looking your best.

#2 Chemistry

There’s usually a spark. Often this can just be something super small. A gesture, smile or friendly comment. But you’ll instantly know if you hit it off or not. The same applies in business circles. If you’re a small business engaging face to face then eye contact, active listening and a warm smile go a long way. If you’re a larger brand then you can create chemistry by aligning your brand with similar values and beliefs as your audience.

#3 Trust

Trust plays a major part in finding the perfect partner, it underpins all relationships. In real life maybe trust initially comes from existing relationships, friends of friends, being actively involved in the community. But from a relationship point of view, trust evolves from being vulnerable in a small way, sharing problems, understanding each other, working together and not letting the other side down. Does business really sound very different?

#4 First date

Oftentimes, customers will build trust by starting small and testing you out, before hopefully or ordering more frequently (seeing you more often), placing larger orders (progressing the relationship), or giving you all their work (Wait, are we exclusive now?). That’s why the first date is SO important. They’ve taken a small risk and decided to place an order. It’s absolutely essential to deliver a good experience here or else prepare to be ghosted.

#5 Personality

It’s official – Number one on everyone’s perfect partner quality wish list is personality. A good sense of humour, right? And yet so many businesses fail to make the most of this opportunity. People do business with people, not lawyers. No one enjoys doing business with lawyers* (sorry lawyers). So why do businesses act so sterile? Live in the super serious world of ’to whom it may concern’. Where’s the personality?

* Not wanting to upset any lawyers, and for legal reasons, this view is a subjective personal opinion most likely held by someone we can no longer find and may not represent the view held by Nettl.com or its associates

#6 Commitment

There’s a point in a relationship where you become ‘more than’. More than acquaintances, more than friends. More than dating and even something more than just married. Whilst usually less romantic, there’s also often a point in a business dynamic where you become ‘more than’. Like more than customers and rather associates, partners, or even friends.

You’ve done so much together that you know almost as much about their family as their business. Conversations are natural, transactional barriers long forgotten. Some businesses arrive at this point long before others. Why do you think this is?

We think it’s because they care. Genuinely, personally care about their customer. Improving the lives, experiences and fortunes of their client becomes a shared interest and the compassion shows. That’s when you know you’re in it together for the long-haul.

Call cupid

Nettl studios are like little cupids up and down the country, and all over the world in fact should you need to cast the net a little wider. They are poised, bow in one hand, creativity in the other, ready to help matchmake you with your perfect customers. Contact us now and make it a date. The first drink is on us.


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